Petitioners in the reigns of James II, William III and Mary II, 1685-1699

The ascension of James II, a Catholic, sparked an immediate rebellion in 1685 and eventually ended three years later with the so-called Glorious Revolution that brought William III and Mary II to the throne. Over the course of these eventful reigns, thousands of their subjects sought royal favour through petitions.

As part of ‘The Power of Petitioning’ project, we have transcribed and published almost 400 of these manuscripts from across the seventeenth century on British History Online. We also completed a six-month Shared Learning Project with a large group of amateur researchers from the London Region of the University of the Third Age.

Each of these researchers wrote one or more reports about the petitioners and their requests or complaints. The introduction to this U3A project includes much more information, including important caveats about accuracy and interpretation. These 16 reports cover the period from the coronation of James II in 1685 to the end of the seventeenth century.

1692, petition of William Fuller
In 1692, William Fuller seeks to present ‘evidence’ pertaining to the truth of ‘The Warming Pan Scandal’ to Parliament. Read the full petition and report here.

The Petitions and the Reports

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